Standards Based

All in One Platform

for Chinese

I am a(n) ...

  • Administrator
  • Language Teacher
  • Parent

Use Standards Based Data

Create Alignment & Target, Monitor Progress

  • Track student growth based on standards
  • Identify needs and close the gap
  • Set target per grade or language pathway
  • Benchmark comparison with programs like yours
  • Data-driven conversation with parents

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Time Efficient Way to Meet My Students’ Needs

  • Interpersonal Oral/Reading/Writing all in one platform
  • Auto-graded standards-based assessments to tell student’s level
  • Connect data directly into resources to reduce lesson prep time
  • Easy assignment/tracking of books, quizzes, writing, oral games
  • Mini-lesson videos, worksheets and more

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Engaging and Accessible Way to Learn Language

  • Rewards for completing oral games, books, quizzes, writing

  • ChatterCity : interactive online oral game for students to connect and practice unscripted conversation

  • Resources at many levels to meet each student’s needs

  • Data-driven Parent-Teacher conversations

Hear from Instructional Leaders how Level Learning is integrated with their curriculum

Daystar Academy : Chinese National Curriculum
Denver Language School : Common Core and Immersion
Silicon Valley International School : IB and Immersion
Orion School : SEAL and Immersion

Our Schools

Over 40,000 students at K-5/K-8 immersion schools, bilingual schools, international schools, foreign language classes in middle and high schools are now using Level Learning! Here are a few of the schools: